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  I just want to be wonderful. - Marilyn Monroe

You never change things

by fighting the existing reality,

to change something,

build a new model

that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Richard Buckminster Fuller

Aarya –

  • helps producers, publishers, promoters, presenters and labels to multiply, amplify and prolong their revenue streams
  • offers services around business, technology and entertainment
  • works on any of its clients’ shows or its own formats

We publicly tested solutions which expand the live show in space, time and experience, completed the feasibility study of an innovative Artists & Repertoire suite and launched an engagement suite to activate audiences.

Aarya’s augmented simulcasts expand the live show in space, time and experience by a mobile app which is available at ticket purchase, as well as keeping a record of the event forever – but with more in it than in any printed programme – rehearsal clips, live reviews, star interviews, background details and information on similar music and recordings. We feature high-quality sound and moving images.


In December 2013, Aarya demonstrated the concept, co-producing the first concert ever to be delivered live and simultaneously to five platforms – in a hall, a cinema, on radio, on current affairs TV, and on the internet. A live documentary streaming the live concert and its story on TV and cinema was synchronised with a concert app on tablets and smartphones in four languages. Our technology removes the barrier of languages.

Aarya sits at the junction of arts, business and technology, where we have assembled a team, second to none, to pursue research and developments. The unique selling proposition is a balanced partnership between musicians who appreciate technology and technicians who love music. Everything is developed and tested using actual projects, no theory is stretched to fit reality.



Aarya Ltd, a private limited company registered in England and Wales on 27 May 2008 under the number 6602530.

      Woodgate Studios

      2-8 Games Road

      Barnet EN4 9HN, United Kingdom


  • Philippe Rixhon, Managing Director
  • Nick Antoniou, Finance Director
  • Stephen Phillips, Communication Director
  • Wim Soens, Technology Director

Focus: ground-breaking omni-channel entertainment formats


Aarya Technologies bvba, fully-owned subsidiary of Aarya Ltd, a private limited company registered in Belgium on 26 April 2012 under the number 845.697.567.

      Kanaalstraat 2

      B-8550 Zwevegem, Belgium


  • Philippe Rixhon, Managing Director
  • Wim Soens, Technology Director

Focus: technology developments for the entertainment industry, partnering with CogniStreamer for collaborative creation solutions

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