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…very much like entrepreneurs,
they take personal risks
to make new ideas happen.
– Gifford Pinchot III

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Philippe Rixhon is a leader at the junction of arts, business and technology, who combines the development expertise of an engineer, the professional rigour of a manager and the creative imagination of an artist.

Business developer and turnaround manager with a record of successful market entries and company expansions in international environments, he has 35-year experience from small enterprises to Fortune Global 500 companies.

He established Philippe Rixhon Associates in 1983 and focused the company on the arts and entertainment in 2003, launching in succession Aarya – a music enterprise, L’atelier Spectaculaire – a workshop for literary creation, and Theatre Management Associates – designers and developers of vibrant centres for the arts.

Before that, Philippe spent twenty years managing innovative high-tech projects for major media, communication and engineering companies in ten countries. Some of his work has been financed by the German Government, others by the European Commission, during which time he led prestigious teams developing ground-breaking systems. He has been vice-president at Zühlke Engineering, the leading Swiss think-tank, and partner at Accenture, the global provider of management and technology services.

Philippe graduated in philosophy and mining engineering from the University of Louvain, and in management from Boston University. He studied acting at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, set design at the Belgian Centre d‘Études Théâtrales, and theatre directing at Middlesex University. Honorary Doctor of Arts in recognition of outstanding contribution to performing arts production, arts technology and literary creation, he is fluent in English, French and German.


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